1.0 My First Blog


To be honest, I don’t really know what this is going to be BUT if you’re reading this blog for some great world-changing advice or for a get rich quick scheme….you’re in the wrong place, bud.

That being said, this “blog” (do people use the word blog when they are blogging?) is going to be an adventure into my mind.  Some days it will be super exciting and some days it will probably be pretty lack lustre but I think we can all relate and appreciate that.  I will be telling you about my real life experiences and thoughts, both past and present, and attempt to squeeze out the lessons or insights behind them.

Disclaimer #1: I know the blog is called “Adventures through my CRAZY mind” but I’d just like to say that I am in fact not certifiably insane. “Crazy” just means that some of the subjects and most of the things going on in my mind might seem strange or odd to people.  Hell, I feel like all the thoughts running through my mind, rational and irrational, are odd. Just wanted to clear the air.

Disclaimer #2: You probably will not agree with some of my thoughts and insights on topics.  THAT’S OKAY!  The fact is most of you probably won’t relate but, the important thing to remember is that you’re wrong and I hate you.  Just don’t be a doink and leave stupid comments.  Kapeesh?

About me

If any of you are curious about myself I’ll give you a background.

I am 24 year old ginger Canadian boy living in Canada and finishing up the final year of my Recreation and Sport Business degree at the University of Waterloo. I love everything sports, fashion and watches and I like to indulge myself in Netflix every now and again.

Traveling is a big part of my life. No I’m not one of those people who puts the little airplane emoji with the earth beside it or have the phrase “World Traveler” in their Instagram bio nor will I ever be because I dislike those people very much.  And no this will not be a blog of me traveling the world and virtually taking you guys along for the ride.

Ever since I was young I would go to trips to europe to visit my family in Switzerland.  I am very lucky to have parents who would take us on these amazing trips and educate my sister and I about the places we visit.

Since our last family trip, which would have been about 7+ years ago, I was lucky enough to interview for a job in Switzerland working at an American boarding school as part of my co-op portion of my degree.  I’ve spent a year working for this amazing organization over a couple stints since I started my degree.  This enabled me to travel around europe and discover some of the great heritage that it has to offer while ticking items off my bucket list.

The Future of This Blog

I have some posts already in the pipeline that I would like to talk about. I’ll probably post some photography stuff because I love photography as well as some posts on fashion and style.  The rest will mostly just be things that come into my head.  If something pops into my head or I had an experience that I’d like to dive into more then I will write about it.  It’s going to be a mixed jumble for the first little while but I will try to keep it as well-organized as I can for you guys.

Cue the music….

Just a little wrap up here.

I’ve never owned or designed a blog before so please bear with me.  My writing style is very free-flowing and sporadic because I use a conversational tone.  That is intentional because it’s the best way to fully explain my thoughts.  My posts will get better, my grammar will undoubtedly deteriorate but I’m hoping I’ll have a short steep learning curve.

Finally, this is therapeutic to me.  It gives me a place to release my thoughts, stress, or just word vomit on a webpage for an hour.

Well that’s about all I wanted to say! I’m excited to see where this goes and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!



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